Right from their beginning, in 2010, Pampered’s goal has been to create a product that would not only be functional, but at the same time become an integral part of life, a vice, a product that could “pamper”. Henceforth, the name: Pampered. From the very beginning the company has set out to touch the emotional and sentimental part of our relationship with our four legged friends. They have done this right down to humanizing the pet world. In fact, the research and production of their products counts with collaboration from some of the best national and international producers that the world of manufacturing and leather goods has to offer. Thus creating a combination of practicality and fashion that characterizes Pampered. The heart of the company lies in the industrial production of high quality, tailored synthetic materials, all of which are highly functional and 100% MADE IN ITALY. We always use state of the art technology and we choose to use innovative thermoplastic materials. This allows us to give the gift of comfort and the highest possible safety to our furry friends. Thanks to the fact that Pampered’s own staff is involved in production, they are able to guarantee their customers a collection of products which have innovation, high quality, strength, and durability built right in their DNA. Pampered exports their products worldwide. Their products are not only sold in Italy and all of Europe but also in the USA, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.